Holmes County
Sheriff's Office
Lexington, Mississippi
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The Holmes County Sheriff's Department consist of 16 Deputy Sheriffs under the leadership of the Chief Deputy.  The duties of the deputy sheriff includes answering all calls for assistance, complainants, crimes in progress, serve warrants and civil papers as well as calls for service from members of the public.  Deputies also respond to calls for assistance from other law enforcement agencies within Holmes County.  Deputies have jurisdiction throughout the county in both incorporated and unincorporated areas which consists of approximately 765 square miles. Patrol deputies are responsible for patrolling and investigating accidents on all county roads as well as assisting Mississippi Highway Patrol on state highways. Deputies provide these services 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. 

All patrol vehicles are equipped with radios, first aid kits, and various accident and crime scene investigation tools.  All deputies have earned TASER operator certification and each deputy has been issued an X26 electronic control device. Deputies must successfully qualify and maintain proficiency with all weapons on a yearly basis.

       Deputy Sheriffs

Capt. Sam Chambers
SO 3

Lt. Juanita Mitchell
SO 4

Cpl. Kenneth Wilson
SO 5

Frances Brown
SO 6

Sgt. Rashad Williams
SO 7

Sgt.Lenwood Genous
SO 8
Capt. Paul Smith
SO 9
Keith Williams
SO 10
Corey Shields
SO 11
Josh Macko
SO 12
Wilbert Nelson
SO 13
Minnie Steverson
SO 14
Sgt.Cleotha Roberson
SO 15


Not Pictured

Joe Chambers
SO 16

Warrren Holliman
SO 17
Maurice Benson
SO 18